Relieving Migraine Symptoms

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If you regularly suffer from migraine headaches, you most likely wish to find ways to ease the pain when one occurs. Unfortunately, a migraine can come on strong and sudden, making you stop in your tracks, unable to continue with your daily tasks until you feel a bit of relief. Here are some migraine relief methods that will help take away a headache quickly, allowing you to resume your regular activities. 

Try Pleasing Scents

Lavender is known to stop the symptoms of a migraine headache. The best way to stop the pain is to topically apply a few drops of essential lavender oil directly to your skin or by inhaling the fumes it gives off when it is heated. To inhale, boil a cup or two of water and place a few drops of essential lavender oil inside. Place your face near the steam and breathe in.    

Peppermint oil is another choice in scents that will help relieve a migraine. The smell of peppermint will help regulate the way blood circulates throughout the body. Migraines are often caused by restricted blood flow. Smelling peppermint oil will naturally increase this flow while increasing oxygen to the blood as well. Use in the same manner as the directions for lavender oil, above. 

Keep Things Dark

Often bright lights will exacerbate the symptoms of a migraine headache. Many people will retreat to a darkened room to lie down to help the symptoms to subside. If you are in an area where you cannot pull draperies closed or if you are outdoors with no shadowed area in sight, having a pair of light-sensitive sunglasses (from an outlet such as Axon Optics) on hand can give you the same result. These can be kept in your purse, car, or on a chain around your neck if you are susceptible to frequent migraines. Simply slip them on to help you relax. These work well at preventing migraines from starting in the first place. Put them on regularly when outdoors to help keep headaches from occurring.

Touch Away Pain

Massaging your temples gently with your fingers will help relieve the pain associated with a migraine headache. If you have someone else available nearby who can give you a head massage, you will be able to lie back and relax as they touch away the tension. Lie on your stomach and have them massage the greater occipital nerve area. This is located at the base of the skull in the back of your head. There are also reflexology pressure points within your feet and hands that can be massaged to help take away migraine headache pain.