Eye Health: 3 Eye-Friendly Foods That Your Family Needs

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You care about your family's eyes, so you make sure everyone goes to their routine appointments. But, are you doing everything that you can to help your family's eyes? The following are a few foods that you should consider adding to your family's diet for the good of their eye health, and this guide will tell you why.

3 Eye-Friendly Foods To Consider

The following are the foods you should try to eat more of (but always in moderation). 

Yes! For Black Currants

The first food that you want to pay attention to is the black currant. Black currants contain an active ingredient called anthocyanin. Anthocyanins are powerful antioxidants that can easily make their way to your eyes. This is important for several reasons, for one, anthocyanins protect your eyes from free radicals by neutralizing them, successfully protecting you from macular damage.

Anthocyanins are also responsible for strengthening the cells and membranes in your eyes.

Hooray! Helpful Honey

Raw honey is different from regular honey because it has not been altered or filtered. Raw honey still contains enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants that should help your eye health. You already know how important antioxidants are to your eye health, but your eyes need to receive all these minerals and vitamins to be healthy. That means you need to make sure that your blood is properly flowing through your system. Honey helps boost the flow of your blood, making it easier for your body to deliver all the nutrients that your eyes need. You can get raw honey from your local health food store, bee farm, farmer's market, or online.

Egg-cellent! Choosing The Right Eggs

Yes, you read that right, eggs are another food that you should have your family eat more of. But, you have to make sure you purchase organic, free-range eggs to receive the full health benefits. Eggs contain lutein and zeaxanthin, which are crucial nutrients in your eye system. These nutrients have a strong relationship to your eyes ability to focus and heal. Making sure you have enough of these nutrients in your diet also helps protect your eyes from macular degradation due to your eyes enhanced abilities to heal damaged cells.

Remember that these foods are only meant to help prevent eye-related ailments and not cure them. Make sure you do not forget to visit your family eye care specialist to ensure everyone's eyes are as healthy as they can be. Contact an eyecare provider, such as Coffman Optical, for more information.