Four Important Questions To Ask At Your Next Eye Exam

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If your next eye exam is just a few days away, it's important to get prepared by putting together a list of questions to ask your eye health provider. Although you can expect your optometrist to talk about the health of your eyes, discuss whether a new glasses prescription is necessary and offer some tips about keeping your eyes healthy, you can learn more by making sure that you have some questions of your own to ask. Whether you've been wearing glasses for decades and are used to the process of having your eyes examined or you're relatively new to this world, here are four important questions to ask.

How Can You Protect Your Eyes During The Workday?

If you're among the many people who sit at a computer all day, you might be concerned about what the computer screen is doing to your eyes. Asking this question gives the optometrist the opportunity to hear about your average workday and make suggestions that you can use. One strategy could be the 20-20-20 rule, in which you focus your eyes on something 20 feet away from the computer for 20 straight seconds every 20 minutes.

How Will You Feel Wearing Your New Lenses?

Getting bifocals or progressive lenses can involve a period of adjustment that might have you feeling a little anxious. Once you know the type of lenses you'll need to get, ask the optometrist about how you'll feel wearing them. Your eye expert can explain how quickly you'll adjust to your new lenses, as well as any side effects you might experience. With progressives, for example, some people feel a little dizzy initially.

Is The Decline In Your Eyesight Normal?

If you find that your eyes are consistently getting worse, you might be concerned about where this trend will eventually lead. Based on your age and overall health, your optometrist will be able to explain any decline in your eyesight and what you should expect in the future. Some people experience a sharp decline in their eyesight, followed by a plateau in which they could go years without much in the way of a change.

Are There Any Eye-Related Symptoms You Should Be Concerned About?

An optometrist can assess your lifestyle and suggest whether you might be susceptible to any eye-related symptoms. For example, if you compete in martial arts or another contact sport, you could develop a scratched cornea -- an optometrist like those at The Eye Depot can describe the symptoms of this condition and any others so that you'll know when to seek medical treatment.